Our Story

Who we are

8Gen is founded by Onur Eren and Hakan Önal, two engineers and cousins. The intention behind starting partnership was to build proucts that 7 generations from now, the 8th generation would benefit from. A long term vision is imprinted in the identity of 8Gen from the beginning.

The journey so far!

8Gen was founded initially to build platform business models in automotive industry that would shape the industry to be more consumer driven.

Over time the company let go of the ambitions to shape the automotive industry but remains focused on building consumer driven software products and services, expanding geographical and industry scope.

The first logo of the company which is a blue Lego brick, was updated to match the international ambitions, protecting the long term vision.

"Build for 7 generations into the future. Make it fun, inventive and sustainable."

Our values

"Hakan and I are cousins and we have had the chance to grow up close, as brothers. We have been building together using lego bricks since we were little kids. During summer vacations we combined our legos to build larger projects. We asked for the support of our friends and family to gather specific tools and toys that would help us build. I remember using a soldering machine we borrowed from our uncle, a couple of circuits, small light bulbs, an electric train set and legos to create a show for our parents, that included lights, sound and movement to tell a story. We sold tickets and used the money we collected to prepare for the next show.  

Over years, our careers took us in different directions, but when we sat to discuss creating a partnership that would build long standing products for the future, we promised we'd make it as fun, inventive and sustainable as we did in our childhood."

- Onur