Value Chain Insight

Turkish automotive supply parts manufacturers achieved globally recognized success in improving efficiency and quality of success over the last three decades.  Driven by export markets, single focus on the product have been sufficient so far in staying competitive.  During this time, the overall investment on sales and service channels have only been fraction of those efforts to increase supply.  As a result, the markets for valuable product groups are becoming more and more price-driven, being traded almost as commodities.  Despite being essential, branding and marketing are becoming less and less powerful tools for differentiation, where the %40 of concieved brand value for consumer is formed by the level of service at the point-of-sale.  We are observing many manufacturers launching branded retail/service projects down the stream to “build a service experience that matches the quality of the product”.  We believe the journey in building a sustainable channel should take its roots and power from the consumer.  In every transaction the consumer not only buys a product but also buys logistics and service as well.

SekizGen’s automotive supply vertical e-commerce platform KolayOto’s business model provides a unique point-of-view and unprecedented insight into value chain.  The web interface at acts as an independent retailer at the point-of-sale, nationally available, 24/7.  With the sourcing model limited to dropshipping from multiple supplier partners, and service stages provided through hundreds of solution partners, every single transaction requires a supplier, a logistics service provider and an installation partner.  Sustainable competitiveness and differentiation for all players can only be achieved through high level integration, efficiency and quality of these three stages.  At SekizGen we use the transactional data we acquire at KolayOto, to improve efficiency between members of the value chain.

Currently, we are looking into applying retail logistics to tyre distribution, warehousing and fullfillment.