Market Insight

For automotive aftermarket supply part manufacturers who are at least a few blocks up the stream from the consumer, market insight is usually provided by the sales force which have limited perspective beyond immediate B2B customers.  For those who have been able to build a nationally recognized brand, market insight translates into buying analytics and collaboration with consumer research companies, before big decisions such as product launch or a national marketing campaign.  Periodical measurement and tracking of the market trends and consumer behaviour is limited to those restricted  number of companies who have exceptionally high brand value.

SekizGen’s automotive supply vertical e-commerce platform KolayOto, provides unique insight into automotive aftermarket and consumer behaviour.  At KolayOto the consumer behaviour is analysed real-time, 24/7, beginning with the first keywords entered into google search bar, to collecting net promoter score for each succesfully completed transaction.  With the help of several applications we are able to gather consumer data and turn that into information to assist decision making.  SekizGen’s independent structure enables flexible testing beyond KolayOto and multiple iterations to gather insight, in specific cases as well.  At SekizGen consumer is simply a member of the icra board.

Currently, we are working on improving the effectiveness of product selection process for customers and analyzing seasonal pricing data for our suppliers.