Business Model Insight

In 1996 when Amazon started selling books, it was not even on the radar of Barnes&Noble, the largest book retailer by the time.  How has Amazon grew to become a $XYZbn business while Barnes&Noble was forced to close down by 2003?  There is no one simple answer, but the one closest would be the “business model”. Business model is “lean startup business model definition”  If you can achieve to build a highly scalable business model, it becomes a “flywheel” keeps growing “highly scalable business model”

At SekizGen, we constantly look for and analyze new business models, from startups to established business’ in different industries.  SekizGen’s automotive supply vertical e-commerce platform KolayOto effectively weaves together 2 different business models, e-tailer and reverse auctioning.  Two business models that have produced several regional and global startup success stories in automotive aftermarket around the world.

Currently, we are looking into hybrid models between retailers and marketplaces.